High Ventilation Soundproofing
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Case Studies

Air Torce 32 reduces the noise of our old exhaust fan in the kitchen.”


Mr. K. lives in Yokohama with his family. The sound of the old exhaust fan was a family problem. When it was on, it made the noise so loud that it was difficult to hear the TV or have conversations in the living room.

4 panels of Air Torce 32 were laid between fan and the filter.

kannkisen01 (Pre Installation)

kannkisen02(Post Installation)

Voice of Customer
“Now I can hear the TV in the living room when I am in the kitchen. I am particularly happy that the high-pitched keening sound from the fan has been greatly reduced thanks to Air Torce 32. I was wondering if Air Torce 32 might negatively affect the fan’s ability to exhaust smoke and steam, but I don’t see any difference.”

Sample Videos “the differences of the sound volume between pre- and post-installation of Air Torce.

The soundproof effects




Case Studies
Airtorce sounds good when I use it in disaster recovery.(Air Torce ER)
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Cutting the noise of exhaust fan in the kitchen with Air Torce 32
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