High Ventilation Soundproofing
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High Ventilation Soundproofing Characteristics

Soundproofing Panels with Multiple Cavities allowing Air Passage

Allows A/C airflows to pass through, Reduces Wind Resistance Reinforcement Cost for Soundproofing Walls

Also Reduces Aerodynamic Noise

By Utilizing Transparent Material, Soundproofing Panels would allow both Air and Light Passage

Shape Dependent but not Material Dependent, Hence Possible to Combine with existing Soundproofing Material

Soundproofing Walls

Highways, Railways, Arenas,

Current Technology: High Cost of Wind Resistance Solution

Soundproofing Panels

  • Residential, office, gymnasium, music room

    Current Technology: Air ventilation has to be cut off for noise

  • Vacuum cleaner

    Current Technology: High possibility of missing telephone rings, baby crying

  • Reduces Computer Maintenance Cost

    Current Technology: Due to work place environment and noise, requiring continuous A/C usage


Window glass of a music cafe

Soundproofing Pipe Density: 600 pipes/㎡

Solar Power Conditioners

Soundproofing Pipe Density: 130 pipes/㎡ per Conditioner

Note: Required Soundproofing Pipe Density depends on the application, however, the effectiveness does not decrease with having larger pipe density.