High Ventilation Soundproofing
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Send your recording data.

We will send the analysis report by Email so that you can make a sense if Airtorse is avaliable for the noise.

・ Attach the data file which is recorded by mobile or recording devices.
Accepted file format as WAV, Ma4, WMA, MP3 only, also the volume should be under 5Mbytes.
The maximum recording time is around 15 seconds.

・ One application per person is allowed.
・ The data should not be illegal for both the right to use and the copyright.
・ The file format of the analysis report will be PDF.
・ We send the report and information only by Email (From @northv-labs.com or @northv-labs.co.jp).
Please check your e-mail account setting as you receive an attached file from us.
Please be careful that you don‘t set the email to deny receiving our email attached files.

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Email Address

Company Name

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Upload size up to 5MB

Inquiry About
Kind of Noise(Trucks, Trains, Subway, Restaurants)
The detailed information can make the better report.

The company uses your recording data for sales. Your name and email address are used for only sending you the information including the report.